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Here you'll find mostly videogames, funny posts, tv shows, welcome to nightvale, nature, animals, occasional anime, movies, some horror stuff. Rarely NSFW but it happens.

basically my entire life

I worship dogs, wolves, videogames, nature, rebellions, art etc and my dream is having two dobermans. Or any another amount of dogs. Did I mention i love dogs ?

I'm a 20 year old female from Portugal, mostly chill, lazy, occasionally artistic, a senior procrastinator, and a professional hermit. Also capricorn, INFP, majoring in History and other stuff i guess idk. No, I don't have any pronouns please keep your social justice and political correctness or whatever the hell away from me. I'm just here to reblog stupid jokes.

so yeah

I accidentaly dmmd'd all over the place so whoops

Favorite creatures - Warg